tooobuuuihihi asked: OMG haha your blog is wonderful and your paintings are verry nice...I'm sorry if i wrote something wrong...I'm from Croatia ..we don't speak english a lot...I hope you like me :D By the way my name is Patricia Love you :*

Hi Patricia :)

You are very sweet! Thank you so much!

If you’ve never had a cat snug you this hard you’re doing it wrong

dicktoothpick asked: Hi! A while ago, you posted a (painting?) of a deer and it said "I'm quite fawn'd of you, my deer". Is it okay with you if i submit that picture to somebody (on tumblr)? While giving you credit, of course.

Hello! That’s fine :)

Anonymous asked: You're unbelievably talented! I'm so glad I found your blog :)

Eeeek thank you so much!! :)

mykindom asked: Do you seriously doodle all these awesome doodles?

I guess lately my stuff is more paintings than doodles but yes they’re all mine! :)

One of the coolest things ever is when you take a drink of something cold and you can feel it enter your stomach a second or two later

BRACE YOURSELVES, I’ve got another animal pun painting (think: #2 in the “I’m quite fawn’d of you” series) coming soon. Hopefully tonight. Tehehehe.

Painted an owl for a friend!