sweetheart-heart asked: I just want to say that I loved you tumblr. The best tumblr that I've ever seen. Keep the good work. This is my new favorite place. ((Sorry for my bad english, tho.)) Thank you! ♥

Thank you so much! And your English is just fine :)

hasfeelingstoo asked: Hey my name is Disa too!! I have never met anyone with my name before and I just wanted to say hi:)

That’s awesome!! I’ve never met anyone with my name either :)


It’s been so long, you guys.

I’ve been SOOOO busy lately but I really need to get back to drawing and painting again so hopefully I can find some time here soon to squeeze that in :)

I hope you’ve all been doing wonderfully!

nymfinity asked: hey sorry to disturb you but i'm a new recovery blog and I made this blog especially for people to ask advice about anything they want! I wont judge and my ask is always open! if you could please pass it around to your followers that would be great! thankyou for your time!xoxo

Of course!

v-eihn asked: You're so talented. I love your blog :-)

Thank you so much! :)

thesaiber asked: I just saw more of your posts and they are soo amazing. Asdfghjkl!! So nice. How did you start with the typography( or the amazing way you write stuff) I usually suck at it.. but I really want to learn. Btw, I'm Saiber. :)

Thanks again Saiber :) I’ve always loved drawing and typography, so I thought it would be fun to mix the two! I love looking at different fonts, so sometimes for inspiration I’ll go on a website such as dafont.com and find some fonts that I like and practice drawing the letters. If I want to do like a quote with lots of different fonts, I’ll kind of figure out what parts of the quotes I want to be in what fonts and then maybe practice a little bit before actually doing it. It’s all about practice and just doing it a lot until you have it down!

thesaiber asked: You have posted some amazing stuff. I have just started with watercolor. So this is an inspiration. Any tips ? :)

Hi!! Thank you so very much :) I guess my biggest tip (and most obvious) would just be practice!! Try different things and experiment with different amounts of water on the brush. Once you kind of get a feel for what a lot of water vs. a little bit of water does and how to control it, it gets easier. At least it did for me :) I also love blending colors into each other so sometimes I’ll just practice blending them on a blank paper!

tooobuuuihihi asked: OMG haha your blog is wonderful and your paintings are verry nice...I'm sorry if i wrote something wrong...I'm from Croatia ..we don't speak english a lot...I hope you like me :D By the way my name is Patricia Love you :*

Hi Patricia :)

You are very sweet! Thank you so much!

If you’ve never had a cat snug you this hard you’re doing it wrong

nonbinarydairy asked: Hi! A while ago, you posted a (painting?) of a deer and it said "I'm quite fawn'd of you, my deer". Is it okay with you if i submit that picture to somebody (on tumblr)? While giving you credit, of course.

Hello! That’s fine :)